Different exciting activities of Bengtson’s pumpkin farm

If you have ever been to Chicago or a resident of Chicago, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Bengtson's pumpkin farm. Bengtson’s pumpkin farm is a farm which was opened for hay rides or pick your pumpkin. Gradually it became one of the largest and greatest pumpkin farms in Illinois. Now it is just not a pumpkin farm but offers a lot of fun activities for the individual and families. So, whether you go with your family or alone, you will get certainly something to do there.Visit us at Http://Vpsaccountants.com.

There are different rides for different age of people. People mostly the children have a lot of fun coming to this farm. Different rides are designed to entertain the different person. A 90-foot fun slide is one of the greatest attraction of this farm. You can also have fun diving into the cracked corn box which is filled with corn. On that farm, you will get zoo, pony rides, camel rides, and so on which will be a great pastime of yours.


One of the most popular attractions of the Bengtson’s is the pig race. More than ten pig races are arranged in a day in Bengtson’s farm. Every year different, the farm tries to bring out different fest and attraction for the visitors. Some of the common and popular activities in the farm are pig races, pumpkin chucker, Jimmy cracked corn box, flying frogs, happy swings, train rides, and many more.  

People love to visit the Bengtson’s pumpkin farm for many reasons. They want to explore different activities to get rid of daily monotonous life. People who used to come in childhood with their parents, now come with their children. They want their children also go through the same experience of their childhood. Kids usually do a lot of fun there with pumpkins and different activities. From the fun rides to explore the beauty of the place, everything will mesmerize the visitors.

Different new activities in the Bengtson’s pumpkin farm are barnyard dance cow coaster. You will get a tour on in the pasture area where you will be delighted with the views of the different scenery. You will get a free selfie booth where you can take selfies according to your wish. The place is beautifully decorated for capturing pictures with you and your family. Tractor Pulled Hayrack Ride is also one of the most enjoyable activities of this place.

So, these are few activities which have made this place the most happening one. In this summer, you can plan your tour to the Bengtson’s pumpkin farm with VPS Accounting.  VPS Accounting, located at 18 S Michigan, Chicago IL, 60603 is proud to sponsor school visits the museum this summer. Please call 773-570-2718 for more information."


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